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  • 27th November 2019

    First CADDE Genomic Epidemiology Workshop

    The CADDE Genomic Epidemiology Workshop (2 to 6 December 2019) is a  training hands-on course based on integrating Oxford Nanopore MinION sequencing with genetic data analysis for outbreak investigation. Researchers wanting training in library preparation, running the MinION sequencer, and analysing sequencing data using bioinformatic and phylogenetic tools are welcome to attend.

    The Oxford Nanopore MinION is a portable hand-held DNA sequencer that is capable of producing 20 Gbase of sequence data in near-real time. This system was used to track Ebola spread in West Africa , monitor the Zika outbreak in northeast Brazil, the yellow fever outbreak in Minas Gerais, and more recently Zika local transmission in Angola . Using novel protocols developed by the ZiBRA and CADDE project teams, researchers can now generate virus genomes in less than 24 hours.

    Places are limited and will be allocated according to the following criteria: applicants must have a background in either biology, public health, bioinformatics and/or wet lab work, and be able to attend all five days of the course. The applicants will need to submit a written statement and an abstract . We will have a limited number of spaces in our first edition. Successful applicants will be asked to present a poster on their research. Oxford Nanopore Starter Packs will be available for awarded posters.

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