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  • 5th March 2020

    First COVID-19 genomes from South America

    CADDE generates first COVID-19 genomes from South America

    We provide a brief report and phylogenetic analysis of the first confirmed COVID-2 cases in Brazil. The first genome and report were generated in less than 48 hours upon confirmatory diagnostic at Instituto Adolfo Lutz. From the COVID-19 suspected cases, two have so far tested positive for COVID-19. The two cases both traveled to Northern Italy. Detailed clinical and epidemiological descriptions for suspected and confirmed patients, including for the two patients reported here, are available from the National Public Health Emergency Alert and Response Network from the Brazilian Ministry of Health. A full report on our genetic findings, including raw read data and analyses, can be found in Virological.org.

    Selected media coverage:

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    Estadão (28 February 2020): Pesquisadores brasileiros sequenciam genoma do coronavírus identificado no País 

    Globo G1 (29 February 2020): Os bastidores e resultados da corrida de cientistas brasileiros para sequenciar coronavírus em tempo recorde

    Folha de São Paulo – Editorial (3 March 2020): As pesquisas não podem parar

    Folha de São Paulo (4 March 2020): Genomas dos coronavirus dos dois pacientes Brasileiros são diferentes

    MIT Review (4 March 2020): Gene sleuths are tracking the coronavirus outbreak as it happens